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Discover If You’re A Good Candidate For Our Advanced,
Non-Surgical Treatment Protocol

Advanced Neuropathy Treatment in Fargo & surrounding areas

Laser Neuro Relief – The program that treats and rapidly resolves nerve pain symptoms, without drugs or surgery!

We offer a comprehensive program that includes advanced therapies such as Laser Therapy, Neurostimulation, Vibration Therapy and Custom Nutritional Support – all monitored by the doctor either in the office or at home!

Our specially-trained, caring doctor – Dr. Daniel Pozarnsky will gently examine and determine the severity of the condition. Then he will design a treatment plan tailor-made for you.

For well-qualified candidates, Laser Neuro Relief stimulates microcirculation around the nerve fibers, which increases blood flow to nerves and helps to heal and reduce neuropathic pain.

Peripheral neuropathy can be incredibly frustrating and life-altering. If left too long, it’s beyond what we can treat – get a consultation, exam, diagnosis, and digital posture analysis, at our office for ONLY $77! (Normally valued at $300)

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"Dr Dan is my hero! I have been coming to Balance for 5 plus years. My neck and lower back get very tight and sore. I suffer debilitating headaches when my neck gets bad. After each appointment with Dr Dan I feel much better than when I arrived. He has convenient hours and can usually always get me in the same day or the next morning. The office is very nice and he is down to earth. Great patient care all around. Highly recommend.”

👤Tara Skari

"So far my son and I both have gone and my 2 daughters later this week! I love how thorough he his, the system on the laptop he has to check balance and posture. I love that massage is incorporated into also as I firmly believe they go hand in hand I would recommend this location to anyone! They also have a nurse located at this location which is awesome!”

👤LeeAnn Sutherland

"I came in a week ago – so much pain in my shoulder/ neck radiating down my arm where I was in tears. Today I’m so much better – I can sleep again and no more tears! Highly recommend Balance chiropractic – Dan and Erin are so friendly and make you feel welcome! Thank you!!!”

👤Hashim Sharif Hobib

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