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Discover If You’re A Good Candidate For Our Advanced,
Non-Surgical Treatment Protocol

Advanced Knee Pain Treatment in Fargo & surrounding areas

“Laser Knee Relief” – The program that treats and rapidly resolves knee pain conditions, without drugs or surgery!

We offer a comprehensive program that includes advanced therapies such as Deep Tissue Laser, Custom Nutritional Supplementation, Knee Joint Decompression and Custom Foot Orthotics – to treat and rapidly resolve knee pain conditions.

Our specially-trained doctor, Dr. Daniel Pozarnsky, will gently examine and determine the severity of your condition. Then we will design a treatment plan tailor-made for you.

For well-qualified candidates, “Laser Knee Relief” stimulates a massive increase in blood flow, flushing out inflammation and creating a surge in the healing process.

Knee Pain can be incredibly frustrating and life-altering. If left too long, it’s beyond what we can treat – get a consultation, exam, diagnosis, and digital posture analysis, at our office for ONLY $77! (Normally valued at $300)

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"Love Dr. Dan! I had taken a good fall down some stairs and severely broke my leg. Went through PT with a therapist and wasn’t even 50% when that ran out. Seeing Dr. Dan doing more PT, adjustments amd dry needling for 6 weeks, I am almost at 100%. I expect to be 100% in three more sessions. The staff is amazing, always accommodating!!Thank you Dr. Dan and Staff!”

👤Lulu Girl

“I feel like my visits to balance chiropractic and the procedures Dr. Dan uses are very beneficial in relieving my discomfort. He takes the time to explain the cause of the problems and also gives me clear instruction and practical advice on how to work on improving those areas in my daily routine. The Staff is also very friendly and helpful.”

👤krista clusiau

"Dr. Dan is the first chiropractor I’ve ever been to, I had been complaining of knee and back pain for a while, I’m 6’2 200lbs and only 24. At first I was hesitant because I had a busy schedule with classes and work, but Dr. Dan and his receptionist Zoey both took the time to work around my schedule, this is an effort I really appreciate. My first day was analyzing all my weak points and answering questions about what I do. Dr. Dan doesn’t just want you to come in and get in an adjustment, he formulates a plan for you and wants to see you progress every week. From what I’ve experienced he is more for getting to the root of the problem and tackling it. So far my experience has been a great one at Balance Chiropractic. He says healing his patients and creating longevity is his goal. 

👤Hashim Sharif Hobib

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